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Flirting With Magick by Leigh Bennett

A sweet chick-lit style contemporary romance with a bit of a hippy chick heroine who tries her luck at a new age Wiccan spell.

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When a new-age remedy fixes Abby Williams' career rut, the twenty-five year old figures a spell could heal her broken heart too...

Suddenly, she’s having hot sex with an even hotter musician, which might work as long as she doesn’t get in the way of his rock stardom. Her work colleague is flirty and fun, but could he be keeping something from her? And now, the guy who broke her heart wants to rekindle their relationship. Can she trust him enough to give it another shot?

So far, it seems Abby’s spell hasn’t worked. Or then again, perhaps it has?

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Well, I had to dig deep into my parents’ music collection to find a soundtrack for this review but this song came into my head as I was reading so here’s a bit of Creedence for you – PLAY IT LOUD!!

Abby is in a rut – her career is going nowhere and her long standing boyfriend has upped and left her.  She tries a Wiccan spell and instantly gets a new job.  Buoyed by her success, she attempts a love spell and awaits the results.

This story is quite pleasantly simplistic.  There’s no billionaire in a penthouse, no pulsating intense steamy romance – Abby is just a girl about town, going to pubs and clubs with her best friend, crushing on her cousin’s local rock band and hoping to snag herself a new boyfriend.

Luke, her cousin, introduces her to the rest of the guys in the band and, after falling flat on her face at the feet of Scott, the bassist, and suffering the humiliation of a tampon AND a condom rolling out of her bag, they share an instant attraction and slowly beginning a casual relationship meeting up a couple of times for sex.

Abby’s spell has worked a little too well as one of the guys from her new office starts showing an interest and the low-life ex returns and starts sniffing around again too.  Scott is my favourite out of all of her paramours.  His rock band is on the verge of making it big and, despite all this, he’s fairly low on ego.  He’s kind of understated, unassuming but he and Abby really do not communicate well.  Despite growing feelings on both of their sides, neither of them admit to it and they really don’t talk and misunderstandings abound and they separate and move on without each other.

I felt sure that they were meant to be together but had no idea which way the author was going to eventually take us and started biting my nails willing for them to reconcile.  This is part of an ongoing series but this works perfectly well as a standalone novel.

3.5 stars – sweet and fun contemporary romance

series reading order
1. Flirting with Magick
2. Flirting with Secrets

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about the author

leigh bennett

Leigh Bennett is an Australian author who lives in Melbourne’s hilly and rugged outer east with her husband, three sons, a beagle x cavalier dog and five chickens.
Currently a stay at home mother, she has worked in the public service, education, road and music industries.

She enjoys reading, cooking and writing stories full of fun, drama, love and always with a happy ever after.

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