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The Art of Domination by Ella Dominguez

The second book in Ella Dominguez’s Art of D/s series and Isa and Dylan play a whole heck of a lot harder in this one!!

The Blurb

Five months into their intensely physical and BDSM-laced relationship, Dylan is ready to make a lifelong commitment to Isabel. But Isabel has reservations and for good reason as Dylan has continued to remain secretive and closed off about his past.

When someone from Dylan's past makes an unwelcome appearance, he is forced to confront his demons head on as he is threatened with exposure about his sexual proclivities. More concerning is the threat of exposure about how his parents' death rests on his shoulders. Forced into an awkward situation, Dylan must help the former lover and ex-submissive who threatens to expose him, all while trying to keep it a secret from Isa.

Dylan and Isa embark on a new journey as they take vows to never let anything tear them apart, a journey that tests Isa's physical and mental limits as Dylan lets his true Dominant and sadistic nature out, giving Isa more artistic inspiration than she ever thought possible. But can Isa keep her own Dominant nature at bay long enough to allow Dylan to fulfill his sadistic fantasies?

With Isa's upcoming debut gallery show and just when things are heating up, their relationship is threatened when Isa comes face-to-face with Dylan's past activities with his ex and a woman from his past who won't let him go.
To make matters worse, Isa's father tries to force his way back into her life and she finds out just how truly cruel he really is as his secrets are revealed.

With everything that comes to light, can Isa stay true to her vows of for better or worse?

Our Review

The first book in this series came in for some considerable criticism from reviewers about the repetitive dual POV.  Ella Dominguez has since addressed this and The Art of Submission that you can now buy has been significantly reworked.  Personally, I think this was a brave and inspired move as the storyline and character development is excellent and I would now like to highly recommend this to all BDSM readers.  I should warn you that these books are written for mature audiences and include profanity, graphic sexual encounters, moderate BDSM themes and mild edgeplay

So, if all that just about floats your boat, read on!!

We reconnect with Isa and Dylan some five months into their relationship.  Dylan has awakened the submissive deep inside of Isa that she didn’t really understand and taught her well.  Isa is, in fact. a wannabe switch and there is an Isa Domme lurking under her submissive exterior that it is itching to get out and give Dylan a good flogging for all the drama he has put her through.  I have to say, she’s not a very convincing domme but, occasionally, when the situation calls for it, Isa completely unleashes her and she is very impressive.  So they’re living in a little D/s cocoon but both of their traumatic pasts are going to rear their ugly heads and come roaring back to haunt them in spectacular fashion!

Oh, the good old cum soaked, drama-free days…

The dual POV is still used in this book but it works excellently.  There’s no repetitiveness and Ella Dominguez does a really good job of giving Dylan and Isa different voices in your head.  Dylan is hard to get a handle on – his overwhelming love for Isa is apparent but he’s guarded, keeps things close to his chest when he should really be sharing, his voice is harsh and dominant but I think I finally connected with him fully before the novel was half way through.  Isa’s voice is significantly different.  Dylan may call her a pussycat but she is in fact a feisty little hellcat.  Yes, she’s submissive but she’s got a red hot temper and finds it hard to restrain herself when she sees red.  She’s also absolutely hilarious and her inner monologue had me absolutely in stitches with her scene-stealing lines!!

I wouldn’t fuck him now if my clit was on fire and needed to be doused with nub-saving cum. I roll my eyes at him.

 I had several doubts about Dylan as a dominant.  I didn’t doubt how absolutely he loved Isa but it takes him a long time to be 100% honest with her and this ‘lying by omission’ nearly costs them dear. Honesty is so important in a BDSM relationship and he learns this lesson very much the hard way.  There were times when I wanted to slap him for his stupidity and others when I just wanted to melt into a submissive puddle at his feet.  Turns out, he’s been holding back on Isa and what they’ve been doing so far has just been vanilla with a twist and, encouraged by Isa, Dylan unleashes the hard-core sadist he’s been holding back and they indulge in some much more edgier play than we saw in The Art of Submission.  In fact, it’s incredibly hot and I suggest you keep a well replenished supply of batteries on hand when reading some of these!!

Holy soaked panties

Isa was a heroine that I absolutely came to adore during The Art of Domination.  She’s grown so much and is virtually unrecognisable from the timid soul that we first met at the beginning of the first book.  She is, without doubt, a little hellion and she’s always going to be calling Dylan on his bullshit.  She knows when he’s lying to her and this is when she unleashes the Isa Domme!!  Mostly though, she’s his submissive and, although shocked by her sadist master, relishes the harder action and in fact thrives on it becomes dirtier and dirtier and more and more perfect for Dylan!

Jesus Christ. This dirty little thing is my wife. Hell yes, I’ll fuck her hard.
“I’ve created a monster,” I tell her.
“Yes, you have. Now feed the beast.”

Now, despite the fact this is a BDSM story, there’s actually a thumping good plotline going on too and this story is action-packed and thunders along at a breakneck speed with ghosts of their past coming back to haunt them spectacularly and both Isa and Dylan find themselves in precarious situations and not all of this is resolved leaving us open for a third book in the series.  Yay!!  The anger Dylan displays when Isa is threatened is pantie-melting HAWT!
Holy testy male specimen
For me, having not yet read the reworked version of the first book, I thought that this was much better and found that their interaction both in and out of the bedroom really quite captivating. Dylan has grown so much with Isa and is now able to show his vulnerability that he has kept under lock and key for so long and Isa has blossomed beautifully as a submissive under his instruction and is now learning to switch much to Dylan’s delight.This was a great angsty and suspenseful read – just the way I like them.  Highly recommended!
4 stars BDSM romance

Series Reading Order

0.5 The Art of Redemption

1. The Art of Submssion

2. The Art of Domination

3. The Art of Control – expected release date April 30th 2013

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Author Bio
I'm a full-time mom, wifey, healthcare worker, and wanna be switch. I was born and raised in a sexually repressed, strict Christian household in the bible belt of the USA. This upbringing and repression contributed to my wicked imagination and writing has been my only outlet for my sexual fantasies. Finally at the ripe old age of 40, I've mustered up enough courage to share my naughty thoughts and put pen to paper.

Review copy courtesy of Ella Dominguez with thanks

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  1. I'm reading this series right now. You really need to read the first book which has to be one of the funniest books ever. BDSM with a twist??? Yeah and the twist is laughs galore!!! Who could have imagined!