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Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger by Kyra Davis

Kasie Fitzgerald is a good girl.  She’s become everything that her parents and her boyfriend expect her to be.  She’s been to college, she’s climbing the corporate ladder and she’s about to become engaged to her safe and dependable boyfriend and she is the complete opposite of her wayward sister, much to the smug satisfaction of her parents.  She’s living the life she was always expected to live without ever considering her own repressed desires.

Her boyfriend Dave hasn’t proposed but has talked about budgeting for engagement rings and wearing sensible shoes to go shopping for them.  Before she slumps into marital obscurity, Kasie goes to Las Vegas for the weekend with her best friend Simone and vamps it up in a Hervé Léger bandage dress and teeters across a casino in heels she is unaccustomed to and draws the attention of every man in the place, including Robert Dade.

Their attraction is instant and, despite her better judgements Kasie spends the night with him in his suite and awakens something inside her she didn’t even know was there.  Their night together is primal, carnal, deeply passionate, and spontaneous – the complete opposite of everything she has with Safe Dave.  Never has a glass of scotch been so sensual!

Dave and Robert Dade are polar opposites of each other, one at each end of the spectrum of passion – Dave sees the woman he wants Kasie to be, expects her to be, Robert sees beneath her façade to the true passionate nature she has long since buried in an attempt to conform to everyone else’s expectations.

After her trip to Vegas, Kasie attempts to put her indiscretion firmly in her rear view mirror but Mr Dade has made her suddenly feel alive, something long repressed within her has been awakened and will not lie down again, however hard she tries.

It would be easy to judge Kasie for her infidelity here but she’s not a married woman, she’s a girl teetering on the edge of making a mistake that will blight the rest of her life and she’s been shown something dazzling and enticing – an intense detour from the path of expectation she’s been walking for so long.  She’s always taken the safe route, now she’s tempted to divert off-course and follow her basest instincts.

I stare at the woman in the mirror, her hair loose around her shoulders, commanding, sensual.

“I want to know you,” I say to her.

Kasie has decisions to make – she’s always cherished belonging to a relationship, liked the rules, cherished the confines but now she is stepping out of her comfort zone.  Robert attempts to convince her that she doesn’t love Dave, that she’s making a mistake but Kasie is torn between what she truly desires and what everyone expects of her.  Dave offers the safety of a gilded cage with his proposal whereas Robert Dade offers the intoxicating freedom of adventure.  It’s a tough choice to make and, by the end of the novel, not entirely her decision.

“I’m getting married.”
“To a man you don’t love.”
“He’s the man I want.”
“What a seductive little liar you are.”

I have to say that I’m a little bit in awe of the writing style – this is exceptionally well written and I enjoyed every second I was with this book.  It’s intensely sensual, the sex scenes are incredibly HOT and this is another trilogy that’s going to have me desperately waiting for each new instalment. The ending of this one promises a rockier journey in part 2 and I, for one, can't wait.

 The entire book is told from Kasie’s POV; it is, after all, Kasie’s story so I don’t feel by the end of this book that we’ve had much of an insight into Robert Dade.  Besides the sex, they haven’t gotten to know each other very well even though he wants to know her better.  I’m hoping that we’ll learn more about him, his past and his motivations in the next 2 books.  Also, there’s no reference to safe sex or contraception either which is fairly unusual in erotic fiction.

So, yes, this is another trilogy with a billionaire CEO desperately seeking the woman he wants but it’s a really good one and I am going to highly recommend it.  It’s not very long – probably a similar length to Raine Miller’s Naked.

Kasie & Mr Dade

Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger will be released on January 22nd 2013 and be pre-ordered by clicking here.
Part 2: Exposed available March 19th 2013
Part 3: Binding Agreement available May 21st 2013

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      Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger

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